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What is "Habits?"

  • The Habits of Effective Writing Teachers were crafted by the San Marcos (CA) Writing Project. The statements themselves are Habits that we believe all effective writing teachers embody. Whether you are a brand-new teacher just thinking about your own classroom or a veteran with decades of experience, we believe the Habits can guide your classroom practice and reflection.
  • Each summer the San Marcos Writing Project (SMWP) offers a week-long professional development seminar focused bringing the Habits to life in your classroom. They are not grade-level specific and can inform your work in the content areas as well.
  • To find out more about registering for Habits during any given summer, go to the SMWP website: San Marcos Writing Project

About this Wiki . . .

This Wiki was created during Summer 2011 as a way to foster a community of writing teachers. Participants in the 2011 Habits Workshop were the first members of this Wikispaces page, and we look forward to welcoming new members each year. Please use this space to talk with colleagues about challenges you face in your writing instruction, to celebrate successes you have while teaching, and to share resources that you have found to be useful.

The SMWP believes that effective teachers of writing:

  1. Understand what it means to be a writer
  2. Create a climate that encourages, supports, and facilitates writing
  3. Use classroom-based assessment as a teaching and learning tool
  4. Enable all students to find authentic purposes and audiences for writing
  5. Facilitate and provide meaningful feedback to all students
  6. Prepare all students for the multiple demands of writing in K-12, college, and career
  7. Integrate writing across the curriculum and utilizes writing as thinking

Habits 1 & 2
Habit 3
Habits 4 & 5
Habits 6 & 7

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